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Clinique Superpowder Double Face Powder

Matte? Yes, but way too heavy for me -

Those with combination to oily skin looking for heavy coverage may find this powder to be ideal. However, that is not me.

Pros: no break-outs; nice compact; no mid-day shine
Cons: made me look like Casper; looked very fake and caked on even w/light application
Recommended? No

Can You Say Clinique Superpowder Double Face Powder 3 Times Fast?

Contains mineral oil, not enough coverage for me.

Pros: Some color choices, Easily portable
Cons: Never felt I got an EXACT match, oily
Recommended? No

Scuze me while I blot the Exxon oil spill from my face.

I would recommend the Superpowder if youre looking for a powder-based foundation.

Pros: Made my skin look even-toned without a cakey, messy application.
Cons: Shine, baby, shine!
Recommended? Yes

Excuse me, Im going to Powder my nose...

This is a great, quick foundation and I definitely will use it when it gets hotter out.

Pros: Good coverage that I didnt expect from a powder
Cons: A little bit oily but tolerable
Recommended? Yes

Blemishes disappear!

This powder evens out your skin and stays put. It made blemishes and red spots literally disappear.

Pros: Makes blemishes disappear!
Cons: Maybe a little pricey, too thick?
Recommended? Yes

Porcelain Or Grease Bag!

The bottom line is that this is a very great product that I would strongly recommend to any girl that wants great quality makeup for a great price.

Pros: It evens out your skin and hides blemishes
Cons: the sponge wears out and the mirror gets dirty
Recommended? Yes

Good Stuff if You Have Good Skin

Great coverage....but may cause breakouts.

Pros: Exceptional coverage
Cons: Awfully oily
Recommended? Yes

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