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True Match Super Blendable Makeup Creamy Natural

Wow! Your makeup looks so real... That is because it wore off hours ago.

Dont spend money on something that doesnt last more than an hour.

Pros: Texture is good, my skin breathes when I wear it. Blends great.
Cons: Not long lasting, smelly, and a very small bottle.
Recommended? No

True Match Foundation Works Great!

For anyone who is not a professional makeup artist, this takes the guesswork out of foundation. Pick this one up, you wont be sorry!

Pros: Very blendable, nice finish
Cons: Foundation tends to congeal around rim after a while
Recommended? Yes

Super make-up at a super-price

Try this brand instead of a department store brand and you wont be disappointed.

Pros: Light make-up that covers well.
Cons: Bottle could be bigger.
Recommended? Yes

Sally Beauty 234x60