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Clinique Clarifying Powder Makeup

Clinique Clarifying Powder Makeup

I cant recommend this for oily skin!

Pros: Nice case, mirror
Cons: coverage, oil control
Recommended? No

Does it really clear skin?

This is good stuff, just not for clearing problematic skin.

Pros: long lasting, good coverage, nice compact, good mirror
Cons: can be somewhat thick, didnt really clear up my skin
Recommended? Yes

Great every day coverage for oily skin!

Great every day, light foundation. Perfect for my oily skin. Easy to apply, build up, and carry. Worth the price!

Pros: Light/medium coverage that lasts ALL day! Buildable, easy to apply, helps acne a little.
Cons: Wish it did a little more for my red patches on my face.
Recommended? Yes

This is a great powder foundation!

I would definitely recommend this to anyone with problem skin. It will provide great coverage for those less than perfect areas and will make your skin look flawless.

Pros: Great coverage, lovely natural flawless finish, good colour match, no breakouts
Cons: Would be better to have the sponge in a separate compartment
Recommended? Yes

Great Oil Control but Not a Must-Have

I will continue to use this product, and recommend it to someone with oily skin but not as an acne treatment.

Pros: Great oil control, staying power, mattifying, healthy-looking complexion, sheer to moderate coverage
Cons: Looks a little powdery at first, doesnt actually CLEAR skin..just keeps oil at bay.
Recommended? Yes

Great Powder Makeup!!

Great makeup to use because it will not cause your skin harm and it will halp with breakouts! Wow!

Pros: *Prevents and treats breakouts
Cons: *Minimal Coverage
Recommended? Yes

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